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Fotografiska Shanghai membership is about joining exciting communities that share common passions for photography, art and culture but also for a positive and socially active lifestyle. Membership makes it easy to simply drop by for a drink, an event and of course for the 16 shows that are happening every year at our place.

Membership are currently available online through Fotografiska Wechat mini-program. If you have a problem, please reach out to or through our Wechat official account.


For you only - anytime

  • Free entry to all exhibition spaces at all time in Shanghai – but also all our other venues - New York, Berlin, Stockholm and Tallinn.
  • Unlimited access to our popular rooftop lounge space (without tickets)
  • Free access to Fotografiska Shanghai programming (subject to conditions and not applicable to other venues))
  • Invitation to Members-only events and Members-only guided-tours on new shows
  • 10% discount on F&B
  • 10% discount on selected retail items

*We offer a reduced Member rate for everyone at the age of 25 and below as well as the age of 65 and above. Only in combination with ID as proof of eligibility.

600 RMB/year500 RMB/year



Always bring a friend along

  • Free entry for you and a friend to all exhibition spaces at all time in Shanghai, New York, Berlin, Stockholm and Tallinn.
  • Plus everything from the Member tier

900 RMB/year

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