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Until 24 Mar 2024

Wang Chen

Synaptic Forest

Through the interplay of digital video, sound, and performance, Wang Chen's works establish a dialogue with and reflection on contemporary society. Wang Chen’s creations provoke contemplation on social issues while demonstrating the power and influence of art in conveying complex and significant subjects. These artworks go beyond mere creative expressions; they invite interaction and exploration between art and the viewers.

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Fractured Delights, HD video with sound, 05min30second, 2023 ©️Wang Chen

Until 25 Feb 2024

Feng Li

White Nights in Wonderland

Feng Li cultivates a distinctive visual language that has gained him a richly-deserved international reputation in street photography and fashion. This is his largest solo show to date.

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红尘 Red Dust, 2023 ©️冯立

Until 25 Feb 2024

Edward Burtynsky

Abstraction and the Altered Landscape

During the 40-year evolution of the artistic practice, abstraction has increasingly become a central mode of expression for Burtynsky. Fotografiska is pround to bring together a solo show of his most asbtract pieces.

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Burtynsky iceland shot

Until 25 Feb 2024

Fan Xi

Simulation Play

In her long-term practice, Fan Xi explored the profound impact of spatial and psychological distance and the act of distancing on sensorial experience. Working in photography, film, sculpture and installation, she examines the interwoven relationships between everyday experience, the production of fictions, and heterogeneous times.

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平面关系,2021 ©️范西 Plane Relation, 2021©️Fan Xi

21 Oct 2023 — 15 Jan 2024

Samson Young

Variations of 96 Chords in Space

Fotografiska Shanghai’s inaugural exhibition Samson Young: Variations of 96 Chords in Space merges variations of images, colors, and music. Different mediums are combined through machine algorithms that arrange and layer them in both ordered and random sequences.

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Samson Young 楊嘉輝, ‘Variations of 96 chords in space (feat. William Lane)’, 2022-2023, Video/Film/Animation, 4-channel videos with 6 channels of audio (composition for viola, crotales, woodblock, self-playing piano, e-bows on piano strings, electronic sounds, water fountain, painted screens, and custom software), Petzel Gallery

Dine & Drink

We celebrate food and drinks as part the immense pleasure of life. We have already three key areas serving creative dishes and cocktails, cafés and gelato.

Exterior of Fotografiska Museum Shanghai

Inspiring new perspectives

Welcome to Fotografiska – a space for exciting visual art, a forum for discourse, and a destination for world-class food and beverage experiences. Fotografiska is open late every day, allowing you to explore the captivating world of visual culture at your own leisure. Located in the center of Shanghai and overlooking the Suzhou river, Fotografiska Shanghai is an ideal destination for a relaxed discovery of this new emerging Shanghai art district.

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